Ready to Use Educational Kiruv Materials and Projects

For more information on how to use  and present these materials please contact Rabbi Yisroel Roll, Director of Encounter USA at 410-585-0497 or

Jewish-Speed-LearningThis program is a marketing tool to launch a learning program in your community. You use these marketing materials and adapt them to meet your needs. You present three mini shiurim, each 18 minutes long, by different lecturers to give participants a taste of these three different topics. You can then ask people to sign up to take a 5 week course in that topic. Or, you can offer 5 weeks of Jewish Speed Learning on these three topics. That way they get 18 minute mini shirum on three topics. In our ADHD, short term attention span generation this program can meet the needs of the ADHD generation. For details contact Rabbi Yisroel Roll at 410-585-0497 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.