Ready to Use Educational Kiruv Materials and Projects

For more information on how to use  and present these materials please contact Rabbi Yisroel Roll, Director of Encounter USA at 410-585-0497 or

rashi-graphic-iconSuggested Presentation:

Show the acclaimed Rashi video by Rabbi Berel Wein in an advertised prorgam called Rashi Comes to the Big Screen.

Sign people up to attend the The Crash Course in Rashi: A six week course of beginner level shiurim on Rashi's mehalach in the following topics.

  • Integrity
  • Astrology
  • Love
  • Sufffering
  • The Secret of Life
  • Spirituality

The six CD program comes with Rashi text in English for particpants to follow.

The lecturer should listen to the 6 shiurim and then prepare notes to give the shiur.

When the Rashi Video (the basis for Lecture One in the 6 part series on Integrity) is presented --- stop the video at 3 points and learn the Rashi that is being referred to in the video.

It is an excellent way to see Rashi "come alive". The Rashi video can be purchased at